About Luis & Pasticcino

Born and raised in the South Australian suburbs, Chef Luis’ baking career began at age 15.  Gaining his first steps in the culinary world.

Since then, Luis has gained valuable culinary skills and experience in retail and industrial bakers, pastry kitchens, chocolatiers, gelaterias and international hotel chains in Australia, the UK and Italy.

Artisan Panettone and Colomba di Pasqua

Ten years later Luis reached the pinnacle of confectionary world when he produced his first range of artisan panettone. Luis attributes his success at being able to make the most difficult product of all the pastry and baking worlds down to 4 key ingredients: 1. His passion to recreate his childhood memories of eating panettone with his Nonna Ludovica; 2. The teachings from various Italian Maestro’s ; and 3. Luis’ unwavering commitment to nurturing and caring for his “Lievito Madre” (mother dough).

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