Colomba di Pasqua Tradizionale


Rich in butter, eggs, candied citrus . Coated by a delicate almond icing. Our Colomba is made with sourdough without preservatives and with noble ingredients. Colomba Tradizionale delivered to your business or catering requirement.

INGREDIENTS: wheat flour, dairy butter (milk), water, sugar, artisan orange peel (orange peel, glucose syrup, sugar, vanilla), egg yolks, sourdough, acacia honey, vanilla bean, salt. Icing ingredients: sugar, egg whites, rice flour, rice starch, corn starch, almond meal. Garnished with pearl sugar.

Contains: Gluten from wheat, Milk and butter (lactose), tree nuts, honey, Natural yeast.

Size: 750 gm

Packaging -The 750 gm Colomba is presented in an elegant Coloured box designed by Jannah Poole.

Made in South Australia

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